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Digital Marketing is one of the latest emerging filed that has tremendously scaled in the last decade parallel to online businesses. After businesses started selling their product and services online the need to compete with each other and attracting clientele towards their specific business gave rise to the numerous marketing practices that collectively are termed as 'Digital Marketing'. All Website and Mobile app promotion activities come under Digital Marketing only. At Ads Infosys, we will build you a strong platform of comprehensive learning to master these techniques to carve out a career in Digital Marketing. All our trainers are highly experienced and offer their rich expertise in bringing the best out of the students.

Digital Marketing is broadly divided into two major sections with Organic promotion activities and Paid Promotion activities. Each activity has their own part in the whole marketing strategy and must be given duly importance while learning. For a  new level professional, Digital Marketing requires a lot of tools and techniques to be learned together in becoming an expert. One needs to have strong basic fundamentals for skills and then get experience over time to master these digital marketing techniques. With this certification, you can apply as Digital Marketing executives and bring a fresh start to your professional career.

At Ads Infosys, we have the most sophisticated Digital Marketing Courses for students in preparing them for the challenges they are going to face in the industry. All our courses are thoroughly designed by industry experts and updated to meet the continuous changing practices in the industry.  Join these specially designed courses today to become the professionals of tomorrow with Ads Infosys. For any more information, guidance and queries call us now!

A Short brief Info the Course

At Ads Infosys, Digital Marketing is taught with an effective step by step planning and strategy to give a thorough understanding of the basic concepts. Anyone interested to join this Digital Marketing field can join this course to become future professionals with certification. Each Course has specific guidelines and expertise to give students information about the whole concept, theoretical rules and best practices being used with practical industry examples.

Key Features of the Digital Marketing Courses offered at Ads Infosys

  1. Understanding Resources
  2. Utilizing the Resources
  3. Planning and implementing
  4. Execution of the plan
  5. Set Goals and Objectives
  6. Tracking and Performance
  7. Maintenance
  8. Optimization

What You Will Learn with Our Courses?

  1. The scope of Digital Marketing in this modern age
  2. Different Parts of Digital Marketing and their benefits
  3. Search Engine Optimization and its Organic SERP process
  4. Online Branding of the Websites, Platforms, and Mobile Apps
  5. Understanding Paid marketing tools and their effective usage
  6. Generating Traffic from Google Ads, Bing Ads with PPC (Pay Per Click)
  7. Making Campaign and running ads based on different parameters
  8. Tracking, Monitoring, Analysing and performance of the Website Traffic
  9. Social Media Optimization (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc)
  10. Social Media Marketing and their Performance tracking
  11. App Store Optimization Techniques
  12. What is DropShipping? How to Use? How to Connect? How to Get Orders?

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