Video Marketing

Video Marketing

With the ease of internet speed across globe daily video views have crossed more than 1 billion on daily basis. This immense change in users attraction shows the preference for watching videos. Videos with creativity, uniqueness and display the suitable information user is looking for. More engaging the topic of the video, more the users will be able to gain from them and take the appropriate action from thereafter.

Types of Videos

Multiple types of videos are built based on the industry and their users' approach. Demo videos, Brand promoting videos, Event and Exhibition Videos, Interviews and Documentaries, Educational How to Videos, Animated Videos, Customer Testimonial Videos, Live Streaming Videos, Virtual Reality Videos, Augmented Reality Videos, and Personal Messages are the most common for this running graphic based marketing.

Article Video Marketing has also become quite popular where 2-5 minutes of short videos are created about specific content for promoting them at social networking sites. Social Media Videos have also shown a tremendous increase in the last few years with people watching them on a regular basis and new live stream has also gained a lot of viewership. Landing Page promotional videos are also used to give customers insight about the product and services of companies with comprehensive knowledge.

Setting goals and objectives then working on these parameters with Video marketing are done with precise measures by digital market experts at Ads Infosys. Brand awareness, user engagement, Free trial, Conversion of orders with short term or long term benefits are few of objectives for video marketing. For e.g, a new startup company will use video for their brand awareness, product information, and unique concept of their company to promote their name in the market whereas a successful business will come up with an in-depth product video for offering the exclusive features for enhancing their conversion rate and business leads. 

Video Marketing Campaigns

Most of the paid campaigns allow swift video marketing campaigns for clients websites, Commerce business leads, Mobile apps, Games, and for the branding of the online platforms. These campaigns run on the targeted audience with geolocation and highly customized for better conversion. View counts, Play rate, Social sharing, comments, video completions, completion rate, click through rate, conversion rate, Bounce rate and time on page are parameters for which performance is analyzed.

With High-Speed Internet availability Videos are used to Boost Conversion rate on many landing pages for providing the right information to the users. Being easily Accessible, more Effective and provide a way to engage personally with users & companies in solving their queries, testimonial as well as better overall site experience.

At Ads Infosys, we understand the need for videos marketing in engaging with users on business specific goals. Our Video marketers are highly creative and offer a lot of insights in improving engagement to the users. They will be available 24x7 for effective communication for suitable changes and comprehensive video marketing solutions for your businesses.

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