DM Strategy & SMO

DM Strategy & SMO

Now with Online businesses emerging in this modern times, digital marketing has become the next era of sales and marketing techniques. With millions and millions of users online and E-Commerce businesses evolving as the largest in the last decade digital marketing has grown into tremendous proportions. Most of the businesses are using online platforms to showcase their products online and provide their products to the market respectively.

Digital Marketing is the sum of all the techniques and promotions done to bring more traffic & business leads for online businesses. All organic and Paid marketing methods come under the broad term of Digital marketing. These may include SEO, SMO, SEM, PPC, SMM, Emails Marketing, E-books, Content marketing, data-driven approach, and any other digital marketing techniques for enhancing website brand. Now even other channels like digital media, magazines, mobile phones (MMS & SMS), and Calling also comes under Digital Marketing only.

New Era of Digital Marketing

With the advent of new digital marketing age, you need an effective strategy, planning, and execution to compete at the highest level. We at Ads Infosys always strive hard to be at par excellence to make sure our clients business meet the right expectations. In an online world, major Search engines are continuously evolving and are looking for better sites to bring more customer satisfaction. And we digital marketer use their signals to bring site activities into their attention for bringing sites on the top of their SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Content marketing has also evolved in the digital marketing age with fresh and unique content given more authority by Major Search Engines like Google and Bing. Traditional Email marketing is still used by all major platforms to keep their engagement with users. Mobile marketing is one phrase that has changed the entire outlook of digital marketing. With the huge increase in handheld devices and the number of clicks generated on search engines outgrowing the traditional laptop (PC) this has become the pillar of digital marketing. Now all the strategies and planning for digital marketing are done with the smartphone as a superior motive for generating leads. Calls Only campaign, mobile-specific Campaign, in-app marketing along with SMS & MMS these smart devices have become the backbone for digital marketing.     

Social Media Optimization

With almost every corner of the world awake at some point, these Social media sites provide an ecosystem to communicate globally through shared expressions. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc are some of the top corporate organization in the whole world. Most of the businesses have their specific brand page, handle and profiles on which they share their new products, promote them and communicate directly to the user for their respective experience as well as reviews.

At Ads Infosys, we are the top Digital Marketing experts who have gained exceptional knowledge over the years in working with successful businesses online. Generating targeted business leads from these Digital marketing and SMO activities is monitored & tracked by Ads Infosys to further improve their Return on Investment (ROI).

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